Sunday, May 1, 2016

2023 for Proportional Representation?

2023 for Proportional Representation?

We must prepare ourselves for this:

We must seriously consider the possibility that 2019 will again use First Past the Post voting system – unlike Trudeau’s promise.

But we can’t let that real possibility weaken us. On the contrary!  : We must use each hill and valley of our struggle to propel our momentum to even greater heights the next time. We must use every bit of exposure our issue gets to create even more exposure the next time round. We must build on every opportunity to create even more awareness the next time.

Here is what “building on past successes” might look like:
In 2019, we can pressure the next government to commit to spending no less than their predecessor spent on education about Proportional Representation:
The 2015-2019 government committed 10.7 million dollars for education and consultation - 8 million of which will be spent on public consultation in 2016/2017.

So, in 2019, we can, and must pressure the 2019-2023 government to spend at least as much as that precedent.

We now have that precedent, so let’s build on it !

I disagree strongly with those who say that “we will not get a second chance” after 2019.

I, for one, will continue the struggle for Proportional Representation until my last breath, and even beyond:

And if I die before I see it, I will encourage those who come after me to carry on this struggle.

For me, the struggle for Proportional Representation is not controlled by the whims of one term of government. No.  For me it means the difference between a genuine democracy and a false one.

Does anyone out there in internet land feel the same?!   If so, let me hear your voice in some way!! Thank you.

Take courage, my friends!

Our struggle is worth putting energy into for the long term! Temporary setbacks are just that: temporary!

Despite rain or snow, Our struggle shall continue!

Every single letter we write,

Every single educational we do,

Every single meeting we attend

Every ounce of frustration that we breathe out,

Every song we write

They are all worth it because they collectively build the long term struggle.

The Struggle Shall continue!

--Boyd Reimer